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When looking for social media services, some people on Fiverr, Upwork, and similar platforms offer their services for fifty dollars a month.  Other marketing agencies, on the other hand, offer management of all your social media platforms for five thousand dollars a month. If you’re not in this industry and you don’t understand what goes […]

Why Social Media Services Vary So Much In Price

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If you are a small business owner posting consistently on social media, but does not get a lot of likes, comments, or followers, the reason most likely is because you are trying to use traditional marketing on social media. Why Is Traditional Marketing No Longer Effective? Marketing before and marketing now have completely changed. In […]

Why Traditional Marketing Does Not Work On Social Media

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A lot of times, I hear from small business owners that they’ve tried Facebook ads before. They’ve ran a couple of ads and thrown a hundred dollars into it. Their business got some likes and comments, but ended up not making sales off of these ads. Ultimately, they give up and they declare Facebook ads […]

How To Run A Facebook Ad To Get More Sales