Why Social Media Services Vary So Much In Price

When looking for social media services, some people on Fiverr, Upwork, and similar platforms offer their services for fifty dollars a month.  Other marketing agencies, on the other hand, offer management of all your social media platforms for five thousand dollars a month. If you’re not in this industry and you don’t understand what goes into it, you might ask questions about this big gap. So, today, I want to uncover for you why that gap exists and which way you might want to sway if you are looking for social media services.

Three Factors that Influence Price Gap

So it basically comes down to three different things: experience, results, and the scope of work included in your plan. All right, let’s break that down a little bit.

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Owners tell me that they got somebody from Fiverr to manage their social media for fifty or twenty dollars a month. Unfortunately, most of them don’t see a lot of results. They don’t see a lot of direct sales or leads. The very first factor to consider why this happens is experience. Most often, people on Fiverr and these platforms where they charge the cheapest amounts, have very little experience. These people will do the work for relatively cheap in order to get more  experience to get more testimonials. If you definitely want results and big things in your business, always look out for social media managers who have a decent amount of experience under their belt.


If somebody has never really managed a social media account before or they can’t provide testimonials or metrics, then they probably don’t have any. The reason for that is not having enough experience. They don’t necessarily know what they’re doing. They don’t know what results to track or what results you are looking for.

Results can also be broken down in several different ways. When you’re first starting on with someone, you need to determine your goals and what you actually want. If all you want is to get more likes, a little bit more engagement, maybe a couple more followers, somebody that’s charging fifty dollars can provide you with this service. But if you’re looking for results like thousands of followers in a certain amount of time, real leads that are giving you their information or direct sales coming into your business, that’s going to require some more experience and some more capital on your end to work with somebody, who can actually provide you with these results.

Scope of Work

Now, the final thing you want to be looking at is the scope of work. A lot of small business owners think that in order to get more sales in your business using social media, all you have to do is post consistently. What they don’t realize is that unless the content that they’re posting is really amazing, they’re likely not going to see a ton of results from just doing consistent posts.

Say, you have somebody from Fiverr that’s creating three inspirational quotes posts per week for your Facebook page. They’re making the captions for you and then they’re scheduling everything out. That’s going to help you to build some more brand awareness and maybe get some more engagement and the like. However, what a lot of people don’t realize is that those posts don’t directly correlate to getting more followers or more sales. When you’re just posting, only a small percentage of the people that liked your page are actually seeing those posts.

Facebook’s algorithm basically favors groups and advertising over individual Facebook business pages. If all you’re doing is  posting or having somebody post for you, not a ton of people are gonna see it. You might get a little bit of traction which will make you look reputable online. Nonetheless,  you may not get the results that you’re looking for in terms of more sales or  leads. The reason for that is incomplete overall strategy.

Other Strategies for Social Media

To make more sales using social media, you do need to be posting but you also need to be utilizing different features. First of all, you should be engaging with others. You should be going and starting up a conversation. You can leave a comment, message someone on their Facebook page, join Facebook groups, go to Instagram and interact with people, or you can send DMs. Engagement helps you to get out there and get seen by more people.

Utilize other features available within these platforms like stories, IGTV, or you can go live. These are the different ways where you can be getting out there reaching more people and having more people see your content and brand. Moreover,  social media advertising basically with platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can go and you can pay money in order to put your post directly in front of the ideal customer that you are targeting.

Using all of these different strategies along with posting, oftentimes will help you actually reach those goals of getting more leads or sales. It’s very important to note as well, in addition to utilizing these social media strategies, you also need to be considering different things that maybe have nothing to do with social media. You have to consider things like the offer that you’re presenting and where is that offer being put. All of these different factors play into the different results that you’re going to get.

Let’s go ahead and compare the two different strategies. Strategy number one, we have Joe Schmo from Fiverr. He tells you that he’s gonna charge you fifty dollars for three graphics a week with captions and hashtags to go along with it. He’ll schedule posts out for you and you don’t need to worry about it. Great! So, here’s some results that you can expect with that. You can expect some more engagement, maybe more likes, more comments and maybe even some more messages. Even so, you shouldn’t expect getting directly more leads or sales in your business with that strategy.

Now, let’s talk about strategy number two. Strategy number two is with a social media manager, Jane Doe. Jane owns her own social media agency and she wants to charge you two thousand to three thousand dollars to manage your social media accounts. She’s gonna make you seven custom branded posts every single week so that you’re posting every single day. These posts can consist of images, GIFs, videos and different things like that.

Additionally, she’ll really put some time into creating those captions making them really structured around your brand voice. She’ll do a hashtag research and find the best hashtags to use that your ideal audience is searching for. She’s going to use analytics and data to find the best days and times to post all of your content. That way, you know that you’re getting in front of the most people that you can.

Aside from these posting elements, she will do 10 hours of engagement for you where she’s going to post in different Facebook groups. She will engage on Instagram, get your name out there and manage your Facebook advertising. Basically, Jane will determine the best offer for you. She’s going to create and optimize Facebook ads designed around that and  do this every single day. She can test two different ads against each other to find out which is the best ad. She can check your landing page and make changes. All these different things combined are what’s going to go into that strategy.

With this strategy, you can expect a significant amount of more engagement which means more likes, more comments, more followers, and more messages. Depending on your goals, you can expect a significant amount of more leads or more sales. You can also expect that she’s going to provide you with monthly reporting, showing you the things that she’s done previously and the things that she keeps planning to do in the future to keep increasing your ROI on that Facebook advertising investment.

As you can see, these strategies differ so much. One of them takes maybe an hour, two hours or couple of hours for this person to do and the other one can be essentially a full-time job. That’s where the difference lies when you’re looking at fifty dollars to manage it versus five thousand dollars to manage it. There are a million different factors that can go into it.

If you are looking to generate real income on social media, you must consider your goals. Realize that if you want big goals with social media, that comes with an investment. You need to have a marketing budget in order to reach really big goals if you want to make a hundred thousand dollars off of social media sales this year. Spending 50 a month to get there is not very realistic.  Higher investments often lead to higher returns. Saving money is an important factor but value added to your business which boosts not only your sales or leads but your reputation and brand as well is not something we can easily get without the proper investment. Choose wisely and you go find the perfect social media manager!


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