Why Traditional Marketing Does Not Work On Social Media

If you are a small business owner posting consistently on social media, but does not get a lot of likes, comments, or followers, the reason most likely is because you are trying to use traditional marketing on social media.

Why Is Traditional Marketing No Longer Effective?

Marketing before and marketing now have completely changed. In this blog, I will reveal why the old traditional marketing strategies do not work anymore in the digital era and how today’s marketing triumph over the traditional one.

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Traditional Marketing

Cold calling, buying radio ads or print ads, cold emailing, and putting billboards to sell a product or service is what we considered as traditional or outbound marketing. Traditional marketing is putting your product out there to as many people as possible and hope for somebody to get interested and contact you.

Old methods like cold calling and radio ads work less and less. The reason for that is because they can be wildly expensive but they get less effective over time. While these methods can still work and provide results, most of the time, today’s kind of marketing proves to provide better and more effective outcomes.

Today’s Marketing

Today’s marketing or inbound marketing refers to utilizing different things like social media, content marketing, web design and the like. In inbound marketing, instead of pushing your product out to a million people and hoping somebody buys, you’re putting out free value and content into the world hoping to be a resource for people. Because you are a resource and you are putting out a great valuable information, people get to know you. They will start to see you as an expert in your industry. When they need a service or product like yours, they think of you and reach out to you. So, we are not chasing people around. They are reaching out to us.

What Is The Problem With Traditional Marketing?

A lot of people are trying to utilize new places like social media, but they try to use traditional marketing methods where they sell, sell, sell. That often does not provide a lot of great results. Why? When people go on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, most of them are there to socialize. They want to know what their friends and colleagues are up to. They want to be educated, be informed, or be entertained about something. They don’t go looking for a product or service. They are there for fun. So, when we utilized these older traditional marketing methods, where we try to sell repeatedly on social media, most of the time, it comes as spammy and annoying.

Next time, instead of just pure selling, focus on solving other people’s problems. Answer questions that people have. Start a conversation. Give them resources or tips they may need, to help them to take action because that what social media is all about. Social media is about helping others, being there for others, and communicating with others. So, you are gonna go and you are gonna put out these free amazing values and then you can ask for the sell. This is the right time to introduce what it is you do, what it is you wanna sell them, and how can they benefit from it.

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