Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads (Which Is Best For Your Biz)

Google Ads VS Facebook Ads

If you’ve ever heard of paid advertising or pay-per-click (PPC), it  basically means that you are paying money to platforms like Facebook or Google to take your advertisement and put it in front of more people that you would never reach if you did it organically. Organically means not paid like a regular Facebook post or optimizing your website so that it ranks right. Today, I’ll talk about page strategies to boost you up very quickly without having to do all that organic work on the background.

Two Different Advertisement Strategies

Let us discuss the difference between a Google ad and a Facebook ad and which strategy fits your business.

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Google Advertising

When you create an ad for Google, you’re basically targeting specific keywords. Thus, if I am a surveyor on Long Island, I want to target the keyword Long Island surveyor. So, whenever somebody goes into Google and they type in Long Island surveyor, my advertisement would pop up at the top before the rest of those search results. This is based around keywords and your ad shows up at the top of the results.  Google advertising is highly based on the text that you include in your advertisement. Basic components of a Google ad are headline and a little description.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook ad, on the other hand, specifically target people instead of keywords. So, you’re not going into the back end of Facebook and say, “Hey I want to target this specific keyword”. You’re going to the back end of Facebook and say, “Hey I want to get in front of women ages 20 to 30 that live on Long Island that have an interest in surveying”. It’s very different than Google.

With Facebook, your ad will be displayed in the news feed where people see a bunch of different posts that their friends, their family, and any businesses they follow have posted. This is called native advertising. Native advertising is where your ad is put in between posts and you’re not just being bombarded with random ads. It’s supposed to flow within your feed and have the same kind of feel that a regular post in your newsfeed would have.

With Facebook ads, text is important but you must focus on the visual end of things too. Your Facebook ad can have an image, GIFs, video, or even different components like carousels or stories.  Facebook ad is very different than a Google ad in the way it looks and what you’re actually focusing on to grab that attention.

What are the differences between the two platforms?

Well, with Facebook, it’s a native advertising platform. When people go on to Facebook, Instagram, or any of these other social media sites, they’re not looking to be sold. They’re not immediately looking for a product or service that they may need. Instead, they’re just there to be social. They want to hang out, to interact, and they want to know what their friends and family are up to.

Whereas with Google, it’s very different. People are actively going on to Google looking for a solution to a specific problem. Google ads, a lot of times, tend to be more expensive than Facebook ads. But those people, who will see your Google ad, oftentimes, have a higher intent. They were originally looking for the product or service whereas the people on Facebook were not necessarily looking for that product or service.

It’s very different in the way that they operate and the way that you have to make your messaging. On Google, you know you’re going to get straight to the point and offer your product or service. In contrast, you’re not going to be as direct in Facebook. Instead, maybe you’re going to give them a freebie or you’re going to warm them up, tell them a story, or entertain them with a video before you get to that sale part. This is something to consider when you’re actually creating this. Know which strategy would work best for you and best for your business.

Which platform will work for me?

As a general, they can both work for a lot of industries. There’s a lot of industries that utilize both Facebook and Google advertising. However, I just want to go over of what might be best for both of the platforms. Usually, on Facebook, if you are kind of a coach or you have a visual product like an interior design store, photography, and the like which requires a lot of visual elements, Facebook might be the platform for you. Facebook is a lot more focused around those visual elements to draw people in rather than just displaying text.

Google may be better for people who are selling something that people need immediately. It could be people might need a plumber, an electrician, a land surveyor, or a landscaper. There’s a ton of different things that you can do with this and a ton of different industries that would do well in it but these are just some examples.

To give you the kind of an idea, a landscaper would work best on Google most of the time. But if you have a really compelling offer, it can work great on Facebook. For example, we have a landscaper, a client that we’re currently working with. We’re running Facebook ads for them because they have a great offer for 99 dollars. It’s really great and people want it immediately. Through a Facebook ad, we were just able to generate 50 messaging conversations in less than three days all for like under 250 a messaging conversation.

As you can see, that’s great results and they’re getting great sales. This is something to consider if your offer is really great. Facebook could be a great platform for you if you’re selling something that’s very high-end and requires a lot of trust. It really depends on what you’re offering, what your business is like, and what you think will ultimately work best.

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