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Google Ads VS Facebook Ads If you’ve ever heard of paid advertising or pay-per-click (PPC), it  basically means that you are paying money to platforms like Facebook or Google to take your advertisement and put it in front of more people that you would never reach if you did it organically. Organically means not paid […]

Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads (Which Is Best For Your Biz)

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Why I Used To Think Mindset Training Was Total BS My entire life I have been a realist. I was never a super pessimist but I was never really an optimist. With that, I was always focused on action. That was my biggest thing especially in starting a business. I wanted to take action. I […]

Why I Thought Mindset Was Total B.S. (& I Was Wrong!)

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Dos and Don’ts In Setting Your Expectation We have different kinds of people in our life. I am very fortunate that my family and my fiancé were very supportive of me when I started my small business. But sometimes, we have people that aren’t always like that. We just want to give you general dos […]

What Support To Expect When Starting A Business