What Is A Lead Magnet And How To Create One

Do you know what a lead magnet is?

A lead magnet is a big buzz term in the marketing industry that you have probably heard before.

But, what even is a lead magnet?

Well, it is a piece of content that you create that provides a bunch of value to your audience for free in exchange for their information.

A lead magnet can be anything your audience will want to download or receive.

Lead magnets are helpful to:

  1. Help you grow your email list
  2. Be seen as an expert
  3. Grow your sales

Your lead magnet has the potential to be one of your best marketing tools. You just need to know how to create it properly. In the video below, you are going to see how.

What is a Lead Magnet and How to Create One

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Step 1: Decide on Your Topic

Before you create your lead magnet, you have to think about what your audience wants to learn about.

What do they want to know that you can give expert advice on? What questions do they ask themselves every day that you have the answer to?

To find this out, think about what your clients frequently ask you.

If you can’t think of anything, you can create a survey through Survey Monkey or Jot Form and ask your clients questions. Ask them what topics they are interested in learning about and see what their responses are. You can also use polls on Instagram and Facebook to ask your audience these questions.

There is another way you can get this information without having to contact people.

A very helpful platform called Buzzsumo allows you to type in a keyword, and it will bring up the top articles with that keyword. This helps you to know what people are interested in and what they want to learn more about.

No matter what you do, make sure your lead magnet will capture the attention of your audience.

Step 2: Choose the Format for Your Lead Magnet

There are many formats that you can use for your lead magnet that you have likely seen before. Some of these are checklists, guides, e-books, and many more that give you a lot of room to work with for text.

However, you don’t have to use text for your lead magnet. You can send people a video series discussing different topics, or even a quiz. Whatever you think your audience will respond well to, do it.

Step 3: Create the Content

Now that you have decided on the topic of your lead magnet and its format, it is time to create the content for it.

The number one piece of advice for this is to give it your all. Don’t hold back on quality or information. Make it as informative as though the person paid for it.

When I first started out with marketing, I used to have the mindset of, “I don’t want to give all of my secrets away.”

This just isn’t a good mindset to have because there are people out there who are giving out that information.

You want to have the mindset that you are serving them and proving your expertise. Picture them as your best friend, because you know you wouldn’t give your best friend half of the story, you would fill them in on all of the details.

With your lead magnet, give them the best advice as possible and set them up for success.

Step 4: Package it Up Nicely

You want your lead magnet to be as beautiful as possible and very professional.

If you are sending over an e-book, for example, it shouldn’t be a simple Word document, it should be a high-quality PDF.

A great software to use for making stunning graphics is Canva, which has both a free and premium option.

When you do a video, you should have a great backdrop and use a camera with good quality.

Whatever format you use, make sure your lead magnet looks amazing and would be worth buying.

Step 5: Promote Your Lead Magnet

Once you have your lead magnet set up, it is time for you to go out and promote it! Put your lead magnet everywhere you can whether that be your website, social media bio, or even your email list. Anywhere you can get your lead magnet out, do it!

Once you provide your customers with this high-value piece of content, they are sure to recognize you as an expert in your industry. You will be on the top of their minds if they ever need your services.

If you ever need additional help with your lead magnet or want other resources, our Finally Visible Academy membership can help you create effective content and use the best marketing strategies.


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