How Your Services Are Killing Your Biz

Whenever I work with entrepreneurs, many of them are hyper-focused on promoting. They wonder if they should be blogging, doing social media, mastering their SEO, and use other forms of marketing. However, when I actually look at how their are pricing their services, I discover they are the real issue the entrepreneur is facing.

Do you promote too many services?

I struggled with my services at one point as well. There were a million different things I wanted to do with my business, but I couldn’t organize them all for my customers to want to buy them. There are only 24 hours in a day to focus on business, and we can be good at 50 things, or we can be excellent at a handful of things. There just isn’t enough time to specialize in dozens of services. As a business owner, you must:

  • Focus on just one service
  • Understand the services you offer
  • Promote your core service effectively

It may sound crazy to just choose one service to promote, but I assure you, it works. I’m going to teach you how to do this and why you should in the video below.

Why Your Services are Killing Your Business

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#1: Create a Services Sheet

Let’s say you go into a hair salon or barber shop. Think about how they price their services. You will likely see their services sheet listing all of the different things they can do with your hair and how much they cost. Having one of these services sheets gives you a clear idea of what the salon offers and will leave you with no confusion. It is crucial for your business to have a clear service sheet as well. It will give both you and your clients clarity on what you offer. A services sheet will also give you clarity on the scope of work you do. You need to know how much it costs you and what it takes to do your services. This way, you can add onto that cost so that way you make a profit from your services.

A services sheet will help take pressure off of you because you will have all of your services and prices laid out on one comprehensive sheet. There will be no confusion on how much to charge each customer to ensure you make a profit. You will also be able to delegate giving quotes to an employee, because they will be able to look at the services sheet you put together. If you are struggling to develop your services sheet, we offer a template with our Branding Bundle, so you can easily write out your services and get your sheet ready to go.

#2: Promote One Core Service

Let’s say you offer 25 services and someone asks what you do. Are you going to list out every single service you offer? No! That can be very overwhelming and can lose the attention of who you are talking to. So, you have to identify one service that is so powerful that your customer will immediately want to purchase it. This can be difficult to do, especially if you are wanting to promote every single service you have at all times. The truth is, deciding on and promoting just one core service is much more effective for your marketing.

A great example of a large business promoting one core service is GoDaddy. As you probably know, GoDaddy is a giant company that offers dozens of services. But, you will see that GoDaddy primarily markets their domain purchasing service. This is likely because it is incredibly easy and inexpensive to purchase a domain name, making them gather more customers. When their customers need a website provider or a logo maker, they are more likely to turn to someone they already do business with and spend more money with GoDaddy. Just because GoDaddy promoted their one tiny domain name service, they have customers for life who will spend a great deal of money with them in the future.

When you are trying to decide on your one core service you will be promoting, think about your target audience. What is the one thing they desperately need that will get their foot in the door with their business? Whatever your answer to this question is, that will be your core service for you to promote. You can focus on this one service, get more clients by selling it, and then your existing clients will invest in your other services.

Our Solution

If you have any trouble pricing your services or deciding on your one core service, please check out our Finally Visible Academy. There, we give you a template for your services sheet, help you decide who your target audience is, get more clients, and much more. If you want to work with us directly and have us make some of the decisions for you, our Disrupt Ordinary team would love to help you.


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