How To Create A Color Palette In One Minute Or Less

Do you have a color palette for your brand?

Color is incredibly important for creating a consistent brand image. It helps your customers recognize your brand and it helps you look more professional. However, you don’t want to rely on just one color for all of your images and website. This is why you should create a color palette. Although this sounds complicated, it can actually be done in less than one minute.

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How to Create a Color Palette for Your Brand

Your color palette should consist of five or six different colors. This way, if you want to change up the look of your graphics, you can do so with these designated colors. And, your images won’t blend together and look as if they are the same thing. With that being said, there are two ways you can go about making your color palette. You can either create a color palette and then design your logo, or you if you already have your logo, you can create your color palette around the colors in it. Then, you are ready to create your color palette with the following steps.

Go to

The website has a color generation button on their homepage. When you click on that button, they will give you a color palette to look at. If you don’t like it, you can click the spacebar to see a new color palette. Once you spot a color you like, you can select it and adjust your colors to create a palette. Then, you can export your color palette so you can save it to use in the future.

If you already have a color you want to use, you also have the option to upload a photo. This could be of your logo, a stock photo that inspires you, or anything else you want to use. Then, will create a custom color palette around the colors in the photo.

That’s It!

Once you have done the step above, you’re done! You will have your brand’s color palette all ready to go in less than one minute. Be sure you save the color codes in a secure spot so you never lose the exact shades of your brand’s color palette.

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