10 Landing Page Tweaks For More Conversions

Today, I’m going to talk to you about ten tweaks you can make to your landing page in order to get more conversions. Alright! Let’s go through it.

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Tip #01: Tweak The Offer

Your offer is the most important part of the page by far. As business owners, we know what we sell and we know why it’s so valuable, but sometimes we can’t portray that correctly. When it comes to your offer, you need to find a way to structure it so that it is really targeted to your ideal client. Make sure you put some real thought into creating your offer. Step into your ideal client’s shoes and determine what they really need and really want.

Tip #02: Promote Page Content That Is Relevant

Your page needs to promote relevant content because the last thing you want to do is confuse the viewer once they get to your page. Make sure everything relates back to how they got there and there’s no confusion whatsoever. For example, if you have an ad running traffic to your landing page, you’ll want to make sure that the ad and the landing page are clearly related. If there is even the slightest lack of cohesiveness, visitors can become confused or concerned that something went wrong, and immediately bounce off your page.

Tip #03: Avoid Links And Distractions

When people get on to a landing page, they should only have ONE action to take. Creating landing pages on your main website is not a great move. The reason for this is that your website, by default, will usually have a navigation bar at the top of your pages. This navigation will distract your audience from just clicking on the one action that they’re supposed to take.  Additionally, don’t make them go from page to page in order to get the offer. Make it all on one page and super easy to implement. The shorter the path to claim your offer, the less likely you are to lose leads along the way.

Tip #04: Copy Needs To Be Concise And To The Point

Avoid bulky paragraphs. You need to have really simple, skimmable paragraphs, bullet points, headers and sub headers. Break up all of your text and make it extremely easy to understand exactly what you’re offering very quickly.

Tip #05: Add A Strong Heading And CTA “Above The Fold”

“Above the fold” is the first space that loads on a page before scrolling down. This is the most valuable space on your page. Make sure that immediately when they’re on that page, they see a heading that intrigues them. Have a button or a form where they can take an action immediately.

Tip #06: Your CTA Needs To Be Appropriate For The Buyer Stage

If you are running a ten thousand dollar offer to cold traffic, your audience has never met you before, and you just have a “Buy Now” button, you’re not going to see a lot of traction from your landing page. The reason for this is because those people don’t know who you are. They don’t trust you yet, and they’re just about guaranteed to be skeptical about spending the $10k. Depending on who you’re promoting this to, a more appropriate thing to offer would be a freebie that they can easily download in order to understand more about you. You need to build up that trust first, especially if your offer has a big-ticket price.

Tip #07: Tell Them What Happens Next

The user needs to know what happens next after performing the action you tell them to. So, you can say something like “fill out this form and we will be in touch” or “go ahead and click this button to buy now.” That way, you’re maintaining trust with the user. You’re being transparent about what’s gonna happen, so that they won’t feel like it’s some type of a click bait situation where they’re going to ultimately get scammed. They know exactly what they’re getting themselves into and they have expectations for any next steps.

Tip #08: Change Your Form

If you’re getting a lot of people visiting your page but you’re not getting anybody to fill out your form, look at the questions that you’re asking in it. Are you asking ten different questions from them or do you have a simple form like a name, an email maybe a phone number? Simple things that you might not even realize can make a big difference. A lot of times adding a phone number drops the amount of people that are willing to fill out a form because people aren’t as comfortable giving their phone number out. Make your forms less of a commitment, and avoid asking any sensitive information unless it is ESSENTIAL during these first steps.

Tip #09: Add Social Proof

First-time visitors won’t have trust in you yet, so how can you quickly show them that you’re credible? The answer: testimonials! Showing off positive reviews, client testimonials, or even case studies is a great way to show people that what you’re offering actually works. If you don’t have any great reviews yet, go to your current clients or people you’ve worked with in the past. Ask them to give you at least a written testimonial or even better a video testimonial. Then, display those on your landing page. That way, people won’t have to take your word for it, they’ll be able to hear it in the words of your own happy customers!

Tip #10: Track Your Analytics And Test

If you have a landing page and you don’t have any analytics system hooked up to that landing page, you are doing yourself a serious injustice. You don’t know how many people are going there, what they’re doing when they get there or what the actual issue in your strategy is. Track those analytics and see how many people are converting and taking the action that you want them to take.

If you have a landing page that isn’t doing so well, change one variable about it. Maybe that’s the color of a background or what you say in your heading text for the CTA. Change one variable, make another landing page and see if that does better. That is the premise of split testing. You’re testing two different landing pages with one variable difference against each other and seeing which one outranks the other one. By doing this, you can find the elements in your marketing strategy that will get you the best possible results with the lowest possible price.

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